The Twenty-Four Hour Album

Friday, January 30, 2009

12. 24 Hour Love Song

The idea came about that we should do an a cappella number, given that we had so many bodies and strong singers. What resulted is a prime example of 24 Hour Album magic: no rehearsal, no consensus, no concept, roll tape! Well, we wanted to make a love song. I guess there was that. Christopher and Jesse took the forefront at first singing a beautiful love duet, when suddenly the song took a hard left turn. "Giddy up on the pony, girl!"

12. 24 Hour Love Song
Christopher - Lead Male Vox, Beatbox
Jesse - Lead Female Vox
Jamie - Pony Vox
Andy - Bass Vox
Rachel - Oohs and Ahs
Ukulele Loki - Oohs and Ohs
Davis - Ahs and Oohs
Karen - Ohs and Ahs

Kurt may have sung too. There were a bunch of us crammed around two mics.


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