The Twenty-Four Hour Album

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11. ...So Now It's Mine

New faces, new fresh energy, and an entirely new gender for the first time this year showed up in the evening. After Christopher and I came up with a stupid chord progression (V forever, then finally I), this magical number came to life. First-timer, Jesse, glued the twangs, tweets, twirls and twitters together with her steady declamations about work frustration–a topic no one could be foreign to. The unwavering G7 chord juxtaposed against Jesse's credo to "just keep goin' on" speaks to the spirit of human perseverance.

11. ...So Now It's Mine
Jesse - Vox
Rachel - Alto Recorder
Andy - Guitar
Christopher - Pianer
Kurt - Glockenspiel
Jamie - Maracas, Harmonica


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