The Twenty-Four Hour Album

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Twenty-Four Hour Album 2007 Wraps Up

Well, it was a good year. Though we lost our energy a little earlier this year, we created a good body of fun tunes and genuine musical aesthetics. We packed up around 2:00 a.m. I didn't get home until 5:00 in the morning. Hell of a day. I'm already excited to see what 2008 will bring.

Please leave your comments on all of these tracks. Love them? Hate them? Well, you can do it anonymously if you must.  I'll be posting some "music videos" soon. Stay tuned. I'll probably be posting some previous albums if anyone is interested. Let me know.


12. Bonus Jam

Who knew I had the camera running!? I didn't! After reviewing the footage (soon to come), I found this little jam between Kurt and I. In fact, I was just banging away at the drums and I didn't even know that Kurt was playing with me. I don't know how this happened, but I was pleased to see this little jam take place. Apparently this isn't the first time that this has happened. Jamie mentioned to me that Kurt was jamming, unsuspectingly, with him before. Kurt's a sneaky guy. I wonder what contributions he has snuck in?

Home Bass - Kurt
Drum Set - Andy

11. Woozle Wozzles

The Twenty-Four Hour Album has had a love/hate relationship with woozles and wozzles–that is, those little toys and nicknacks that squeak, squawk, ting, tang, bing, bang, bong, sizzle, shimmer, twitter, plink, plunk, bip, bop, and boop. They can add a nice effect, or they can just be annoying in their insistent clattering above the hum of the music. Either way, here is our dedication to them for this album. They had a smaller appearance in this album as a whole. That and the previous track would have been quite a downer to end the album.

Woozles and Wozzles - Andy, Jamie, Kurt

Friday, January 18, 2008

10. Arco Trumpet Pizzicato

After an exhausting run with chupacabras, the excitement died down, and we came to this somber tune. Kurt, sitting on his double decker couch with trumpet in hand, blasts his final, jaded note while I slide around on the cello neck like a child's first time on ice skates. Jamie keeps us all together with his cool and collected, pensive progression. Yeah, son.

Cello - Andy
Trumpet - Kurt
Keys - Jamie

9. Birdbath of Blood

Essentially, the title track of the album. With creative geniuses Andrew and Skinny Jim on board, we have a fun filled rock anthem about chupacabras and demonic visions. An epic adventure-tale for the Twenty-Four Hour Album.

Vocals, Theremini - Andrew
Nintendo DS Guitar, Backing Vocals - Skinny Jim
Keys - Jamie
Ax - Andy
Drum Set - Kurt

Monday, January 14, 2008

8. Waltz of the Hoes

In the words of Jamie:

"[Cindy] and I wanted to be as generic as we could lyrically to express that pop music today is not that imaginative. WE covered as many genres as we could, i.e. rap, rap/metal, lesbian folk, I forget what else. I wanted Rachel to sing with me, because then the song would be in the style of Leonard Cohen, an art folk singer, when he first started out (look up the song Susanne for details). I thought putting the song in a waltz time might make it more insane inducing."

Troubadour - Jamie
Additional Oohs - Rachel
Lyrics - Jamie, Cindy, Rachel

7. Double Bass

Kurt finally fixed his home made bass. It's worth a look. (Kurt, send me a picture and I'll post it.) I asked him to a "Bass Off" with my crappy basstar. We joined in with this riff. Rachel makes her debut on the drums in this one, as well.

Home-Bass - Kurt
Crappy Basstar - Andy
Drum Set - Rachel
Ictus (Clapping) - Cindy

Friday, January 11, 2008

6. Nackles

Nackles, a short story by Donald E. Westlake under the pseudonym Curt Clark is narrated by Jon. We phoned Jon (a.k.a. Dad) from his home in Rock Island, Illinois, where he reads Jamie's synopsis of Nackles, the evil brother of Santa Claus.

Phone - Jon
Glockenspiel - Rachel
Tubular Bells - Jamie
Woozles - Cindy
Drum Set - Andy
Pancakes - Kurt

5. Who Will Fight in the Robot Wars

We all know that the day will come when the creature of man, robots, will try to destroy their maker. And who will fight in the robot wars? Jamie sings in the pop-folk idiom, a war protest song a la Bob Dylan about our dreadful fate.

Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica - Jamie
Cash-esque Guitar, Backing Vocals - the Butcher
Backing Vocals - Kurt
Drum Set - Andy

Sunday, January 6, 2008

4. My Friend, Hasselhoff

"I'm tired of being second fiddle to David Hasselhoff, you know?" Certainly, something we have all felt at one time or another. This gloomy, metropolitan ballad expresses the Butcher's lament for his shortcomings as a philanderer.  Starting off in the desolate subway tunnels, he dreams of robotic cars and his dearest idol, David Hasselhoff.

Sprechstimme, Guitar, Programming, SFX - the Butcher
Basstar, Shooting Star, Alto Sax - Andy
Tenor Sax - Jamie
Drum Set - Kurt

Saturday, January 5, 2008

3. Happy Birthday

No not the copyright protected song written by Preston Ware Orem for the Summy Company. (See Wikipedia) Kurt wanted the Twenty-Four Hour Album band to make a generic birthday jingle. Though, I'm not sure where the world influences came in. Between the old-time reed organ, kalimba and pious wailings, this hodgepodge pays homage to the day of birth of any deserving saint or peasant.

Incantation - Kurt
Organ - Jamie
Kalimba - Andy
Percussion - Andy, Jamie, Kurt

2. Drumset

Kurt, who has typically been the host of the Twenty-Four Hour Album, has always contributed his drum set. Last year, for some reason unknown to me, he sold it to a friend and we were without, forcing us to come up with other creative alternatives for percussion. I was happy to see that he recently got another one so we could use it for this album. It's amazing what you can add on to a drum set just using hardware clamps. Here is our tribute to the new drum set.

Robot - Jamie
Trumpet - Kurt
Drum Set - Andy

Opening Track of 2007 Album

Here's the opening track of this years album! It was a slow, technically challenged start this year, but once we were rolling, we created this ethnic/country/sci-fi groove. Too bad we didn't really have a theremin in our arsenal of woozles and wozzles.

1. Back to the Reggaeton
Theremin-esque MicroQ - Andy
Guitar - Jamie
Drums - Kurt

Enjoy! Stay tuned for more ... 

The Twenty-Four Hour Album Meets the Internet

Hello Dear Users!

This is Andy, and I will be making posts about the Twenty-Four Hour Album right here. For those who do not know what the Twenty-Four Hour Album is:

The Twenty-Four Hour Album is a musical project co-created by Kurt and Jeremy in 2000. The concept was to write, rehearse, and record an album's worth of material in a 24 hour period. Though the first album has been since lost, and the album took a year hiatus in 2005, it has been an annual event with participation from many Denver local and visiting musicians for nearly a decade now. With styles including electroclash, country, pop, rock, hiphop, techno, and particularly the collage of styles that makes the album particularly unclassifiable, the Twenty-Four Hour Album has been an exciting experiment for musicians, both professional and amateur. It has been a time to experiment with instruments and styles that people have had little experience with, or just an outlet for people to make collaborative music. Each year, it seems to take on a different guise and purpose, and hopefully it will for years to come.